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Announcing Pendomonium 2019: Become Product Led

Our favorite week is fast arriving—when we get to meet with customers, talk about product, and work together to solve real business challenges, all while hanging out in what we think is the best city in the South. We’re starting to get excited about our third annual Pendomonium conference.

Pendomonium 2019 will take over downtown Raleigh September 9th-11th. We’re bringing back the biscuit bar and custom craft beer, the live music and, everyone’s favorite, the customer awards. We’ll announce our speaker lineup soon. But, starting today, you can submit to speak and, of course, buy early-bird discounted tickets.

When we launched Pendomonium in 2017, we kept our expectations modest, yet over 160 of you showed up. The following year brought an impressive 430 attendees. The feedback we got along the way was overwhelmingly positive. People responded to our emphasis on authentic content and practical advice, different formats like the optional team offsite, unexpected speakers like “The Power of Moments” author Dan Heath, and the traditional acoustic stylings of Mipso. Raleigh itself was an especially big hit (check out the highlights below).

So now we can’t wait to do it all over again—bigger and better than ever. Pendomonium 2019 is on its way.

The Path Forward Is Product Led

This year, we’re focusing on how to help you—your company, your team, or even just you personally—become product led.

It was once enough to release products that met minimum expectations, but users now accept nothing less than exceptional. Influenced by the design- and data-driven products from consumer tech companies like Apple and Amazon, users now demand products that are elegant, intuitive, and capable of anticipating their personal needs. This has caused a radical shift in what users want from their software. Great products have become the new normal. And the only way to become a category leader is by building something truly exceptional, something product led.

Successful companies and product teams need to push themselves to build products that anticipate what users want, that continuously fulfill all of their needs, and that are a delight to use. These products need to go beyond being just great—they need to be extraordinary enough to sell themselves. To do all this, product teams need the voice and authority to shape strategy and impact growth.

This is what Pendomonium 2019 is all about.

Pendomonium 2019 Conference Details

Pendomonium will take place in Raleigh, North Carolina, on September 9-11, 2019. The primary location will be the Raleigh Convention Center.



Speakers and Sponsorships

If you’re interested in speaking at Pendomonium 2019, fill out this form and tell us a little about yourself and the topic you’d like to address. Speaker submissions will close on May 31st.

If you’d like to become a sponsor, email us at

Check back soon for more information on the schedule, headliners and travel details..

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