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Silent Majority

Who are they? What do they want!? As we’ve written, B2B software presents some unique complications. Consider this – in the organization using your B2B product, the majority of users:


Why should you care? If you focus only on the users you hear from, you’ll have a very limited perspective. The loudest voices don’t usually represent all users. As time passes, your information will become less and less complete. When the few gatekeepers who are vested in a positive story about your app leave the company, what is left? If no one has actually asked whether you’re delivering value to the everyday users, your product may be the first thing go in a budget cut or reorganization.

What can you do? It’s not usually feasible, or even desirable, to rigidly control access to your app so that you can control every user’s onboarding. Instead…

Build Awareness

Use a Brief Survey for New Users

Try Focused in-app Feature Satisfaction Surveys

Arrange User Interviews and Usability Tests Through in-app Outreach

You can go for a long time listening to only the loudest voices among your customers, but eventually, you will realize that you have blinders on. Reaching out to the silent majority will let you see the whole picture.

John Cutler is a product management and UX consultant. His passions are UX research, evidence-driven product development, and empowering the front line to solve business and customer problems. For more of John’s writing visit his Medium profile or follow him on Twitter.  He is honored to team up with longtime friend and editor Katherine Maurer, a freelance editor and poet whose work has appeared in many pretty good literary journals. She is also a graduate student in clinical psychology, and drummer in the band Again is Already.

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