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Your Product Is A Service

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Your Product is…

What defines product? Is it a list of features? Is it the functionality? How about the brand, packaging, message? The real definition of product is…

Product is not something you “ship”. Increasingly, it is a service that the whole organization delivers continuously. Tossing things over the wall isn’t going to cut it. Dividing up your organization will restrict the flow of valuable information. Aligning yourself around anything other than the end-to-end customer experience is a form of sub-optimization. Any poor user experience — using the software, on the phone with support, learning, buying, or renewing — can sink you.

So when folks go on and on about defining product management … ask why? The product is everything. Don’t let the anchor of old ways of delivering physical software products weigh you down. You’re in the service delivery and design business now. Embrace it!

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