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Pendo Announces New Application For Gainsight and Salesforce

New Application Puts Detailed Product Usage Data Directly in the Hands of Customer Success and Sales Professionals

San Francisco, CA – October 04, 2016 – Pendo, a data-driven platform that helps companies deliver great software, today announced a new application for Gainsight and Salesforce. The application pulls key metrics from the detailed product data that Pendo captures and makes them available directly in the 3rd-party applications’ interface.


Available as an early-access release, the new application makes it easy for customer success and sales professionals to access information about their customers’ product usage in the tools they use every day to manage customer communication and workflows. The application provides details about the number of active product users for a given account, usage trending, their login frequency, and time spent in the application. In addition, the application provides a visual summary of feature and page usage for the account. The data shows up directly as a part of the Customer 360 view in Gainsight or account summary in Salesforce.

“Product data from Pendo is a key part of the composite customer health scores that we calculate,” said Becky Banasik, VP of Customer Success at TrendKite, “Having data available in the tools we use every day will make it much easier for my team to consult product usage as part of their day-to-day activities.”

The summary usage data allows customer success professionals to quickly reference an accounts’ behavior before a customer call or business review. They can get a view of which individual users are most active for the account, and which features or modules in the application the account is using. Sales teams can use the application to monitor trial accounts. Usage data can help to identify which accounts are likely to convert to paying customers, and which need more direct sales engagement.

“We believe that product data is extremely valuable to the entire organization, and not just the product teams,” said Todd Olson, CEO and co-founder of Pendo.“This new application is another way we are making data available and actionable for a wide range of roles – in this case, those who are on the front line of retaining and growing customers.”

Pendo is a simple snippet of code that is added to software applications to enhance their capabilities. Pendo extends software products to capture user behavior, gather feedback, and guide users. With Pendo, customers can understand and guide their users, enabling them to get more value from their software and deliver better product experiences. For more information about the new application, please visit

About Pendo

Pendo was founded when alumni from Rally, Google, Cisco and Red Hat combined their heads and hearts to build something they wanted but never had as product managers – a simple way to understand and attack what truly drives an amazing product experience. With powerful analytics, in-application user feedback, and contextual guidance designed to help companies measure and elevate the customer’s experience within their applications, Pendo is on a mission to improve society’s experiences with software. Pendo is proudly built in North Carolina but engineered to scale globally without losing that soul. For more information, visit:

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